Summer Intern Heads Back to School

alex Today the STOA team gathered to wish Alex Lyons success in his new academic year. During his summer internship at STOA, Alex collaborated on multiple project including the proposal for the Chinatown gate at Bellaire and an affordable housing project.


CC LEE’s Invited Lecture at China University


C.C. Lee, STOA’s President and CEO, was invited to present his concept of “Green TEA” at Zejing University and Tsinghua University in China. His lectures were held in April 2016 and was well received by students and faculty, as well as local architects and planners. CC Lee is a Feng Shui Master who has decades of experience in combining this historic wisdom with the contemporary technologies of architecture.

STOA’s Award-Winning Proposal for Shandong Museum

Shandong Science Museum

STOA International Architects in collaboration with STOA’s Hangzhou office won the fourth place in design excellence in the deign competition for Shandong’s Science Museum.The main concept for the proposed design was to cluster the main exhibits of the project based on the four elements. By capturing time and space, the essence of the universe, in glass and steel, the proposed design attempted to making science accessible to the general public. The clear glass that encases the great orbital objects represents the infinite universe while makes the interior celebration of science visible from the street. Mario Bolullo as the design architect lead the team that collaborated on this project. Other members of the team were Vahid Vahdat Zad and Mingjing He.