About Us

STOA International Architects, Inc. is a full service architectural firm with extensive knowledge and experience in all aspects of architectural and engineering design. STOA was founded in 1983. With over 30 years of doing business internationally, we have a proven track record of adapting the unique and beautiful characteristics of local cultures with state of the art architecture, planning, engineering, and interior design.











STOA International Architects envisions itself as an award winning and innovative company that integrates the talents of its team members to provide enthusiastic and uncompromising quality services to its clients.


STOA International Architects’ mission is to help our clients realize their dreams by combining the expertise of our team members to address each clients needs, integrating both art and science to translate unique ideas into creative and functional solutions.


To develop and optimize the highest potential possible for all concerned in order to achieve personal and business successes.
To establish a corporate culture whereby the team is as important as the individual.
To produce, together with our team and our clients, unique and creative solutions for both standard and challenging projects.
To demonstrate professional excellence and exceptional service to all clients and fellow colleagues using creative, innovative, and analytical approaches.


We believe that every person was created with potential and STOA will strive to help everyone develop that potential to the fullest.
We believe in establishing trusting relationships that foster a culture in which self-interest is complementary to the benefit of the whole team.
We believe competency, integrity, and fidelity serve to guide our actions.
We believe it is imperative to have genuine care for our customers.
We believe it is our responsibility to be the most efficient, effective and qualified workers we can be.
We believe in helping each other complete work and do what is necessary to be successful.