Green TEA

STOA is the only architectural firm in the US that is equipped with the capability to holistically address the psychological, behavioral, and economic aspect of the office buildings through Feng Shui spatial values. STOA has for long practiced a unique method of design called “Green TEA” architecture. Green architecture is the use of LEED principles, the energy efficiency and sustainability in design. The TEA system (Total Environmental Alignment) is the modern equivalent for the 5000 years of accumulated knowledge in space design, known as Feng Shui. Green Tea aligns the energy and spiritual experience of Feng Shui with the modern ideas of efficiency. CC Lee is a Master of Feng Shui and the Founder of Feng-Shui Institute of Houston. He has been teaching Feng Shui at Rice University since 1999. In his forthcoming book, Mr. Lee  introduces Green-TEA as Holistic Design Approach (HAD) to achieve a stable, healthy, balanced, peaceful, and harmonious relationship between the built environment and its natural surroundings.

Modern principles of LEED-based design pair up very well with the Feng Shui philosophy and STOA is the only architectural practice in the US that embraces this unique design application. All staff at STOA are trained in the philosophy and application of creating harmonious spatial relationships to enhance how the staff experience their work environment.